Where New Small Group Pastors Can Get the Training They Need

If you're like me, you started in ministry with a lot of gaps that needed to be filled. You were excited about doing ministry but didn't really know what you were doing. Once I realized where my weaknesses were, I could respond accordingly. I disciplined myself to learn what needed to be learned by reading... Continue Reading →

Undeniable Facts… Why Starting New Small Groups Isn’t Optional

Every groups pastor I've ever met is outrageously passionate about starting new groups. In fact, starting new groups may be, in the minds of most groups point people, the most important thing they do. In order for that to happen the groups pastor has to sell the idea to group leaders, coaches, and sometimes, even... Continue Reading →

7 Audacious Practices of Those Who Lead Ice-Breakers Effectively

Many small group leaders have backed away from doing ice-breakers. As you understood after reading yesterday's seven reasons for doing ice-breakers, these moments are important if you want to have a transformational conversation. There are seven audacious practices of those who use ice-breakers effectively that may be helpful. When asking an ice-breaker question, keep your... Continue Reading →

“Ice-Breakers Suck!”

I was once again leading a small group leader training event in a southern state. The room was completely full. Over 100 group leaders were there. The small group pastor had invited me to spend 4 hours with them. His one major expectation, "Be sure you help them know how to host an effective conversational... Continue Reading →

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