What The Future May Bring with Steph Yeckering

As I mentioned in the first blog, money is one of the main reasons for divorce. I spoke with a friend who shared that financial issues were a big problem in her marriage for many years. To respect her privacy, I won’t mention her name. She said, “If we didn’t tackle it in the beginning,... Continue Reading →

How to Discuss Money in Your Marriage with Steph Yeckering

Welcome back! In the first blog, we discussed the importance of couples working together on their finances. Unfortunately, money is one of the main reasons for divorce. In this blog, you will learn three practical steps that have helped engaged and married couples experience unity in their finances. Step 1: Create SMART goals  Do you... Continue Reading →

Three Game-Changing Statements and One Undeniable Reality for Revitalization Churches

When considering church growth, I believe there are four types of churches. The, 1) Growing Church, the 2) Stagnant Church, the 3) Declining Church, and the 4) Dying Church. The Growing Church has experienced significant numeric growth for three years or more. The Stagnant Church has seen little to no numeric growth each year for... Continue Reading →

Leading the Unleadable

Some people have joined a leader’s team who are just not leadable. That is, they choose not to follow the direction of the leader. When in a meeting, they are unable or unwilling to embrace anyone’s ideas but their own. They tend to create chaos more often than they produce relational unity. If you’ve tried... Continue Reading →

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