6 Small Group Leader Fantasies That Will Never Come True


I’ve been leading small groups for over 30 years now. I’ve fantasized about leading the perfect group for decades. In fact, at one point, I actually created a group covenant that should’ve assured me that the perfect group would enter the doors of my home every Tuesday night. Not even close.

Until I came to the realization that no group was ever going to meet my unrealistic standards, I found myself frustrated. Below are six small group leader fantasies that will haunt you until you embrace the facts… these are only fantasies, not realities.

  1. All of the group members will come to every group meeting unless there’s an emergency they have to deal with.


  1. The overly talkative group member, once approached, will talk less.


  1. Group members will gladly, without arm twisting, take on some of the roles and responsibilities the group needs done.


  1. The group will realize the importance of multiplying the group and will joyfully, passionately, and willfully birth a new group.


  1. Group members want to grow spiritually and are willing to do whatever it takes between meetings to grow to become more and more like Christ.


  1. Every group member will show up for meetings on time and no one will leave early.


Just saying’…

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