10 Sleazy Off-Limit Ice-Breakers


Ice-Breakers that break up the Group!

Ice-breakers are important to a group gathering. In fact, without them, those who are hesitant to talk seldom do. But a bad ice-breaker, one that demands too much information, makes someone else in the room uncomfortable, or could start an argument, is not just ineffective, it would most likely be hilarious if verbalized.

Below are 10 of the worst ice-breakers you could ever use, especially if the group is a couple’s group.

  1. Who would you consider your best friend? If that person isn’t your spouse, don’t feel obligated to respond.
  1. Which girlfriend or boyfriend that you dated in high school or college do you wish you had married? What characteristics did you love about them that your spouse doesn’t exhibit?
  1. While on your honeymoon, what did your spouse do that really ticked you off? Why do you think they were so insensitive?
  1. Which of the following movie titles best describes the person you like least in our group? Who are you talking about and why did you choose the option you chose?

_____ Damn Yankees

_____ Barfly

_____ The Hustler

_____ Boys Don’t Cry

_____ Diva

_____ Fat City

_____ Billy Liar

_____ Handle With Care

  1. Who in our group would you least like to trade places with? What about their life situation would you hate the most?
  1. Who would you consider to be the overly talkative person in our group? What percentage of our group time do you think they hijack each time we gather?
  1. Which of the following movie titles best describes our group leader? What brought you to this conclusion?

_____ The Great Dictator

_____ The Entertainer

_____ The Exorcist

_____ The Conformist

_____ The Informer

_____ Mad Max

_____ The Man Who Loved Women

_____ Odd Man Out

  1. What’s the one sin you continually commit that you’ve never confessed to anyone? Who else in the group do you think is engaging in the same sin?
  1. What’s your favorite curse word and how often do you use it? How often would your spouse say you use that particular term?
  1. Which of the following cartoon characters/titles best describes the person seated to your left? What about them led you to this conclusion?

_____ Fat Albert

_____ Beavis and Butt-head

_____ Heckle and Jeckle

_____ Goofy

_____ Dopey

_____ Grumpy

_____ The Grinch

Just havin’ a little fun this Monday morning!






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