The Best Christmas Dad… Mine


Christmas is a very special time for me. My dad is already in heaven. But I will never forget his sacrifice each Christmas season when I was a young boy.

We were poor when I was a kid but, to be honest, I didn’t realize it. Maybe that’s because we got more for Christmas than almost any kids we knew. You see, my dad made sure Christmas was over the top. That is, when it came to presents under the tree. Almost every Christmas, he took on a second job so that he and mom could give us gifts that would rival the rich kids across town. Maybe this is because of a story he often told.

Dad was the child of depression era parents. While the depression had ended during my dad’s childhood and teen years, his parents never overcame it. In fact, dad grew up in a garage (the kind of garage rich people parked their car in) with no running water. On multiple occasions he told the story of getting a flashlight for Christmas, a flashlight and nothing else. I think that affected him. I think he decided, “When I’ve got kids of my own, I’m going to make sure they have the kind of Christmases I dreamed of.

Well dad… If that was your goal, you most certainly accomplished it.

Thanks Dad. I’ll be thinking of you again this year when the gifts are passed out. I sure miss you doing that.



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