Questions Every Groups Pastor Should Ask Before Changing Churches… Four


This is the last day of the four-part series, Questions Every Groups Pastor Should Ask Before Changing Churches. Hopefully, gaining clarity on these issues will be useful to you when you consider moving to another church to lead the groups ministry. The first three questions were…

  1. Am I being called here to serve this church or to do groups ministry?
  2. Do I determine the group system we’ll use or is that determined by other leaders in the church?
  3. What are the specific goals you have of the groups point person you’re hiring?

 It would be wise to read each of these blog posts so you understand what each question really is.

Today’s question, the question you need to ask before you consider moving to a new church to lead the groups ministry is, “Is being in a small group an expectation of everyone who is a church member?”

I have yet to meet an effective small group point person that wasn’t passionate about the life change that occurs when people are involved in a transformational small group. These types realize everyone will not join a group yet they are so driven to see that happen that it never leaves their mind. In fact, these groups pastors are so passionate about seeing every person transformed through group life that they doggedly pursue those who are not yet in a group.

If you’re one of the groups point people just described, groups being just another option in a list of ministry opportunities will drive you mad. On the other hand, if every person in the church is expected to be in a group and that fact is given major attention by the senior pastor, unapologetically proclaimed in the church’s membership class, and written in the church’s Constitution and By-Laws, you may have found your next stop.


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