Questions Every Groups Pastor Should Ask Before Changing Churches… Two


Yesterday, I started a four-day series titled, Questions Every Groups Pastor Should Ask Before Changing Churches. Yesterday I pointed out the importance of asking the question, ““Am I being asked to come here to serve this church or to do groups ministry?”. For clarity on this check out yesterday’s blog post.

The second question it’s essential to ask is, “Do I determine the group system we’ll use or is that determined by other leaders in the church?”. There’s at least eight systems that are prevalent in today’s groups world.

Before going to a church to lead the group ministry, it’s important that you find out if you as the groups specialist/pastor determines what system will be utilized, if you’re the person who does the tweaking of that system to accomplish the goals you have for the groups ministry, and whether or not the response you’re given will change.

If there’s specific system that you believe in and have done successfully, there would be nothing more frustrating and discouraging than to be told by those higher than you on the food chain that you’re going to be revamping your entire ministry because they’ve determined that your present system isn’t the right one.


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