Questions Every Groups Pastor Should Ask Before Changing Churches… One


Many groups pastors/point people have moved to a new church, regretted it, and has then moved on within a few years of their arrival. In the process, they’ve uprooted their family twice in a short period of time, put their family in financial and emotional distress, and, in some instances, due to their own misguided evaluation of what took place, have become disenchanted with Jesus’ bride, the church.

Had the groups pastor/point person asked just four questions prior to accepting he position, they might have dodged the, “I’m not happy in my new church.” bullet.

The first thing every groups pastor needs to ask is, “Am I being called here to serve this church or to do groups ministry?”.

Let me explain… It seems that the new trend in many churches is for no staff member to have a ministry specialty. Each staff member is perceived as a generalist with leadership abilities rather than being a specialist with a God-given passion.

While you might come to a church believing you’re going to be the groups point person, in time you may be called upon to take on the senior adult ministry, the role of executive pastor, or pastoral counseling, etc…

If God has called you to do groups, and groups alone, gaining clarity on this issue will be important.



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