It’s Finally Here… Experiencing God for Small Groups!


Decades ago my life was changed through the study that over 4 million people have worked their way through, Experiencing God. This workbook, by Henry Blackaby and Claude King, has been used by God so immensely that it’s in 62 languages from Chinese to Mongolian, Hebrew and Aramaic.

When I came to LifeWay fifteen years ago I began requesting that we consider doing a small group version. I knew that there were a massive number of people in the small group world that needed to know and live the seven realities that are unearthed in Experiencing God. Today Experiencing God for small groups is a reality. In fact, it’s called, Seven Realities for Experiencing God. And it’s perfect for small groups.

Seven Realities for Experiencing God is an 8 session study in a small group format.

If you want your group to experience transformation by knowing the one true God who created the universe, spoke to and through Moses, guided His people through the wilderness and into the Promised Land, sent His Son Jesus to be the final sacrifice for our sins, and is preparing a place for us in heaven, then you’ve got to lead them through this study.

To see what the sessions titles are, click on this sentence.



  1. All the over 100 small groups in our church just finished going through this great little book. It was fantastic. Our pastor taught 6 messages (one on each chapter plus the introduction) then every small group met to discuss the issues – We found it life changing for so many and a real blessing in our church. I recommend it, whole heartedly.

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