Overcoming Prayer Paralysis… The Three Ways God Answers Prayer


When small groups pray passionately, God responds appropriately.”

Oftentimes, when groups pray, they become frustrated with God. A few in the group may even begin to believe God doesn’t answer prayer, or worse yet, will begin to wonder if He really exists. This happens when we’re begging God for something and His response isn’t the response we wanted, doesn’t happen quickly enough, or nothing at all seems to be happening. We need to keep this in mind and remind our group members of this fact. God always answers our prayers. He answers them one of three ways, No, Grow, or Go.

1) No, your request not in my will.

2) Grow, your request is in my will but I want you to grow by being persistent in prayer. Continue to pray and, when the time is right, I will answer your prayer as requested.

3) Go. Your prayer is in my will and the timing is right. I am answering your prayer as you requested right now.


One comment

  1. It’s so important to remember God ALWAYS answers prayers. “Yes” or “No” are the easy ones… it’s hardest when His answer is “Wait”… “Not Yet”…
    We can praise Him for that answer because He always provides us the grace to do the waiting. Great Post Rick… thanks for the reminder.

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