How Can I Get My Small Group to Be More Missional?


There are all kinds of terms for small groups today. I’ve learned that there are new terms but seldom, if the truth were known, anything new about group life, all types of groups long to experience authentic community, biblically grounded conversational learning experiences, restoring of brokenness, and being on mission together.

Most groups find that the weakest aspect of their group experience is the missional aspect of group life… even if the groups are called by the new hot term… Missional Communities.

How can a group leader get their group to be more missional?

It’s important that Small Group leaders consistently share the reasons that groups are to be missional. When the reason that groups are missional resonates with and saturates group member’s hearts then people will realize that there’s more to this than checking this off the small group expectation to do list.

A few of the reasons that small groups are missional would include…

  1. A small group is to be a reflection of Jesus and Jesus was always on mission.
  1. People need to not only hear the Gospel, they need to see it in action. Each time a group cares for the poor, connects with unbelievers on the street or cul-de-sac where the group is meeting, does random acts of kindness, etc… unbelievers see believers being Jesus and realize that He is at work in His followers leading those far from Christ to realize that Jesus is who He said He was.
  1. Doing missional acts together unifies a small group. When a group of people are on mission together they bond in ways that cannot be experienced by simply doing weekly Bible studies and/or getting together for various fellowship activities.
  1. It grows group members spiritually. For many people in your group, they are forced out of their comfort zone when they are on mission. Spiritual growth begins with discomfort. When a small group member, in faith, goes out of their comfort zone they will then experience spiritual growth.


  1. It’s important to understand that one’s mission is an outflowing from intimacy with the Father. A group will become mission all when it PRAYS and seeks God’s face together.

    Serving together is a great thing to do along the way to keep focused on others … but without a deep, God focused prayer life mission will not be understood (in other words, focused on his heart for people, not our needs and desires).

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