The Benefits of An Equal Elder Leadership Model… Day 3 With Dr. Bob Halstead

20150408 Strength in Numbers

Today is the last day of a three day interview with Dr. Bob Halstead. If you’ve been reading the blog for the last two days, you’re aware that moving to an elder system and choosing to be an equal elder has greatly enhanced Bob’s ministry and created a much less stressful situation for him.

Today he talks about the benefits of moving to and equal elder model of leadership.


Rick: Bob, if a pastor were to say to you, “I’d never be willing to release the control I need to lead my church.”, what would your response be?

Bob: Rick, I would challenge them to study the Bible on this topic specifically and ask him to do what we did. Each study session we spent sufficient time praying that God would remove our pride, pre-conceived ideas, backgrounds, traditions and agendas so that He could lead us in His direction. He did it all. It was amazing.

Rick: What are the benefits of this leadership model as you’ve experienced it thus far?

Bob: It has been a tremendous blessing. One of the great benefits I have seen is that our spiritual gifts have emerged like never before. Now there is a freedom for each Elder to function fully in his gift with equal acceptance and responsibility.

We have also gained in wisdom, as a group, when there is this freedom to be open and transparent. We have become much more accountable to each other with our lives. This has drawn us closer than ever before. We really do have each other’s back for our good and His glory!

I can’t thank Bob enough for his willingness to be interviewed. His insights and experience have enlightened many and may make a difference in how you lead your church in the future.

Thanks, Bob!!!


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