Between Meetings: 7 Responsibilities of a Caring Small Group Member


Effective small members realize they are part of a Christian community and that, along with that comes certain responsibilities. Small group member… Below you’ll find a checklist that will be helpful to you as you evaluate your between meeting responsibilities.

  1. Feed your soul by spending time in God’s Word and praying daily.
  1. Pray for each group member by name daily.
  1. Connect with a few group members via phone or face-to-face. Unless a personal need has been revealed, the contact is simply to let them know you care about them and are praying for them.
  1. Prepare your heart for the next group meeting by doing the homework requested in the Bible study materials.
  1. Invite a non-believer to join you at the next group meeting.
  1. If you’re responsible for food or anything else prior to the next meeting, be certain you accomplish that task/those tasks.
  1. If the group is meeting in your home, prepare the environment for an effective group experience.

If you glance back at yesterday’s blog post, Between Meetings: 8 Responsibilities of an Effective Small Group Leader, you’ll see that there is some serious overlap of responsibilities between this list and that one. Yes, every group member, due to the fact that each believer influences the growth of others in their relational circle, is responsible to walk with Christ and make a difference in the world… not just the small group leader.


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