Between Meetings: 8 Responsibilities of an Effective Small Group Leader


Effective small group leaders realize that what happens between meetings is more important than what takes place during meetings. Small group leader… Below you’ll find a checklist that will be helpful to you as you evaluate your between meeting leadership.

  1. Feed your soul by spending time in God’s Word and praying daily.
  1. Pray for each group member by name daily.
  1. Connect with a few group members via phone or face-to-face. Unless a personal need has been revealed, the contact is simply to let them know you care about them and are praying for them.
  1. Prepare for the next group meeting.
  1. Assign responsibilities to the group apprentice that will aid him in his journey to become an effective group leader.
  1. Email the group with any information they need to continue their journey toward Christlikeness or any information about the upcoming meeting, missional opportunity, or fellowship experience.
  1. Double check to make sure the person responsible for food is aware and is still going to be at the group meeting.
  1. If the group is meeting in your home, prepare the environment for an effective group experience.

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