Eight Indicators a Small Group Is a Disciple Making Group


Just because a small group meets regularly and does life together, doesn’t mean it’s a group that is making mature disciples. For a long period of time, the small group movement elevated community and diminished disciple making. While the two go hand in hand, there are some elements of disciple making that must be in play if we’re going to grow mature disciples who then make disciples. You can use the list below to conclude whether or not your groups ministry has as its primary agenda to make disciples who make disciples.

  1. The primary goal of the group is to learn and obey God’s expectations (Matt. 28:20), not just to gather for meetings and be there for one another in difficult times.
  1. Group members are aware of and encouraging one another to come out of their comfort zones when God’s expectations demand it.
  1. The person leading the group has been trained in the disciple making process and realizes their role is much more than just hosting meetings and fellowship experiences.
  1. Group members are fully aware that the group leader is their disciple maker and allows the group leader to encourage them and hold them accountable.
  1. The person leading the group knows the stages of spiritual transformation, is aware of the level of spiritual maturity of each group member, and is moving each group member toward the next stage.
  1. The person leading the group expects and holds group members accountable to read and study the Bible daily and spend time in prayer as these two disciplines are the primary disciplines necessary for spiritual growth to occur.
  1. The person leading the group takes very seriously modeling the lifestyle of Jesus for the growing disciples they lead.
  1. When a group member has been discipled to the point that they are capable of discipling someone else, they’re encouraged to leave the group they are presently in, gather a few people willing to be discipled, and disciples them.

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