Wanna Be Coached By One of the Leading Voices in Groups Ministry?


Every groups pastor needs a coach… A seasoned and proven small group point person.

When I started in groups ministry I was blessed with a church that made it possible for me to learn from some of the best. I read books and attended conferences but that wasn’t enough. I would’ve never known how to pull off the most important aspects of a small group point person’s responsibilities without a coach.

So… When I heard that Chris Surratt, one of the best in groups ministry, was starting a coaching ministry for small group point people, I immediately asked him if I could make it known through this blog.

Below you’ll find his guest blog post.

Coaching Group

Most of my key moments of leadership breakthroughs have come during intensive time with a group of my ministry peers. Nothing beats having intentional time with other leaders who are in trenches with you. I have learned so much through the past few years by spending one-on-one time with brilliant small group thinkers like my friend, Rick Howerton. I have sat at many lunches, conferences and coffee shops – just bouncing ideas off of Rick. Here are 3 things I have learned through those experiences:

  1. Everyone needs a coach

It doesn’t matter how far into ministry I am, I always need someone who has gone farther than I have. I am grateful for the men and women in my life who are always there for me to lean into. 

  1. None of us have this figured out

The best coaches are still learning too. I have gotten as much, or more, from the leaders I coach as they have from me. If I ever feel like I have this ministry thing figured out, that’s when I need to hang it up.

  1. I always want to be better

Every time I sit down with another leader, I pick up something that I can apply that day. Leaders are learners, and we should always be striving to be better at what we do. I don’t know a better way to do that than by putting myself in coaching environments.

This fall, I am opening a opportunity for a limited number of small group ministry leaders to hang out for 9 months and learn from each other. This will include two-day gatherings in OctoberJanuary and April in Nashville, TN, plus 90-minute video conferences in the months when we don’t gather in person.

Here are the details:


Gatherings: October 15-16, January 14-15 and April 14-15
Video Conferences (2-3:30pm CST): November 12, December 10, February 11, March 10, May 12 and June 9


Small groups point people at local churches.

What You Get:

The group will receive six days of in-person coaching sessions over nine months months, plus six 90-minute video conference coaching sessions in the months when the group is not meeting in person. This includes training on a variety of small groups ministry strategies and models. You’ll learn about tools, exercises and best practices to implement after every session.

One of the primary benefits will be the opportunity to network with and learn from like-minded leaders. We set aside dedicated time in every gathering to talk through the pressing issues you are facing. You’ll have access to your coach (me!) throughout the network gatherings. Additionally, you’ll receive several free resources and books, special guests, plus some other fun surprises.

Your Investment:

$2500 per person + travel expenses to Nashville.

A commitment to be at every gathering.

There is limited space, so please apply soon here: http://surratt.me/1Ipv0MK


If you’re looking for someone to coach you in groups ministry… this is your guy.


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