Imagine a Small Group Ministry That…


A vision is seeing the future in the present. It’s envisioning a mental image of the final outcome. It is imagining a preconceived future.

In order for a Small Group Point Person to have a vision they must first choose to awaken their imagination. Until something is imagined, it will never become a reality.

God imagined His creation and it came to be. Noah imagined (through the direction of God) the ark and it came to be. Nehemiah imagined the walls of Jerusalem standing tall once again and it came to be. David imagined the temple and, through his own son, it came to be. Jesus imagined the church and it came to be. God imagined a people reconciled to Himself, and through the murder of His Son it came to be.

Imagining what will be in the future is what enlivens a leader’s heart. It also makes it possible for that leader to put in place a strategy through which what is being imagined becomes a reality.

Small Group Point Person, what are you imagining? If you were to complete the following sentence, what would it say? Maybe something like this? I imagine a small group ministry that…

  • has 95% of our adult weekend worship attenders in a group.
  • has a missional small group making a difference in every subdivision in our town, county, or city.
  • is truly making disciples that make disciples.
  • is full of people who have determined they will live counter culturally in a post-Christian society.

The list I just gave you is a sampling of some of the ideas I have heard other group pastors verbalize or that have been insinuated during conversation. But don’t accept any of these as yours. If you did, your imagination would have never come into play. You would have embraced what someone else’s minds eye sees and this will never be compelling and motivating for you.

In order to dream your own dream…

  1. Set aside time to pray. You want your imagination to see what God’s dream is for your ministry. Let’s not forget, Noah and Nehemiah were both prompted by God to accomplish His vision, not their own.
  1. Set aside time to individually brainstorm. Making a long list stating what enlivens your inner person may aid you bringing your future reality into focus.
  1. Set aside time to be away from all technology. Most people are unable to dream dreams because they are constantly interrupted by texts, phone calls, and other things that they believe demand an immediate response.
  1. Set aside time to recreate. On multiple occasions my imagination was brought to life on a golf course, while hiking, or, in years past, while playing basketball.
  1. Set aside time and a location to retreat. If possible, go someplace alone for two to three days to pray, brainstorm, escape technology, enjoy some times of recreation and allow God to place in your mind’s eye what your small group ministry’s future will be.

It’s time to awaken your imagination, dream dreams, and become unapologetically fanatical about group life once again.


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