The Hebrews Initiative, I Now Know Why


What is the Hebrews Initiative? The Hebrews Initiative is an initiative through which a massive number of group members are inspired to live a life of courage and faith in the midst of a secularized culture.

It is an initiative that I’m praying will become a movement.

How will this initiative become a movement? A massive number of groups will study the book of Hebrews during the same season and those who study this incredible book together will begin to live its truths. It is for this reason that I’ve asked churches worldwide to study the book of Hebrews between August and December of 2015.

When I felt compelled to spearhead the Hebrews Initiative I had no idea what was about to transpire. Since the moment God birthed in me the desire to start the Hebrews Initiative, transgender living has been blessed by society and gay marriage has become the law of the land.

While these two decisions don’t change the way a Christ follower treats anyone, we are called to and long to show the love of Jesus to everyone, these societal changes have forced many who have remained closet Christ followers to reveal their relationship with Jesus. Each time either of these issues comes up in conversation and an evangelical Christian is asked what they believe, the moment they share what God says in His Word or that they are biblically driven Christ followers, they are considered by many in the room as bigoted, uneducated, cult-like, church types. For many unbelievers, these honest Christians (who are simply repeating what God says, not giving their personal opinions) are no longer considered equals, they are underlings or worse yet, dangerous bigots. The martyrdom, although only emotional and/or career ending, begins at the moment someone reveals that they are true disciples of Jesus Christ.

The book of Hebrews is a sermon preached to a group of people who needed to boldly live out their faith, a people facing martyrdom. It is a book that reminds believers that Jesus is superior to all others, that true Christians shouldn’t drift from the truth, that we must run the race and endure to the end, and that we must endure suffering as discipline and grow in the process. It is a book written to a people who, when they are honest about God and His truths, will become outcasts. It is a book for our time.

I now know why God inspired the Hebrews Initiative at this time in human history.

I hope you’ll join the movement. To learn more go to






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