Stats No Small Group Point Person Should Ignore IV: What Attributes Do “Not Yet” Group Members Want in a Small Group Leader?


If you subscribe to this blog you know that throughout this week I’ve been sharing stats that will be helpful to small group point people. Monday I gave you stats that prove how much groups make a real difference in people’s lives. Tuesday you found out that 75% of group leaders want more help from the church staff. Yesterday I gave you some startling statistics unearthing what attributes those are already in a group look for in their group leader. Today I’m going to give you some information from Transformational Groups that could be really helpful to you as you try to get people who are not currently in a group into one.

Oftentimes people don’t get in a group because they’re concerned what the leader of the group might be like. Knowing what attributes those who aren’t in a group are looking for in a group leader will be really helpful to you as you choose your future leaders and as you continue to train your present leaders.

When asked what attributes they wanted in a group leader…

  • 56% wanted someone who would make them feel comfortable sharing in a group (This is the only response chosen by a majority of respondents.)
  • 42% wanted a good Bible teacher
  • 40% wanted someone who was trustworthy
  • Only 4% wanted a personal friend

What does this tell us? In my opinion there are some great takeaways here.

  1. People are hesitant to come to group because they are concerned they won’t feel comfortable talking during the group gathering. We must make them aware that they can join the conversation at their own pace.
  2. Those who aren’t currently in a small group aren’t overly concerned about deep Bible study.
  3. Those who aren’t in a group aren’t looking for friendship. We cannot use “making friends” as our motivator for getting people to become part of a group

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