Stats No Small Group Point Person Should Ignore III: What Attributes Do Group Members Want in a Small Group Leader?


Sometimes a group doesn’t take… and we wonder WHY? After all, we gathered people for that group just like we did every other group. We recruited a leader just like we did for everyone else’s group. We gave that group the same first resource to use so that they could establish what it means to be in biblical community together. And we made sure every person in the group was on board with the expectations of group members.

There are a lot of reasons a group doesn’t make it. One of them is that the group leader didn’t realize the attributes most group members are looking for in them. The stats below, from Transformational Groups, unearths what those presently attending a group are looking for in their group leader. You may be shocked!

Group members were asked, “Which, if any, of the following describes the leader/facilitator of your small class or group?” Individuals could select as many attributes as they wanted.

Attribute Percent
Makes people feel comfortable sharing in the group 72%
A good leader 71%
Trustworthy 69%
A good Bible teacher 67%
A good listener 61%
Energetic and enthusiastic 60%
Transparent in his or her own weaknesses and struggles 51%
A personal friend 40%
Skillful in handling conflict or problems in the group 40%
Freely delegates responsibilities within the group 37%
Other 2%

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