Stats No Small Group Point Person Should Ignore II: I Need Help!!!


75% of group leaders want more help from their church staff! That’s right. When LifeWay did a research project, ¾ of all people leading groups wanted more help from the church leadership.

I know this flies in the face of what many of us think to be reality. But statistics like this don’t lie. Respondents to our questionnaire said they want more help from groups pastors.

I would suggest you poll your group leaders and find out specifically the areas they need help in, then offer training for them in those areas. The areas I’d suggest you ask about are (these are the questions most asked of me when leading small group training events and conversing with small group leaders)…

  • Creating the right room environment for meetings
  • Childcare
  • Choosing the right Bible study for my group
  • Resolving conflict between group members
  • Recruiting group members
  • What to do about the overly talkative group member
  • When people stop coming to group meetings consistently
  • When someone needs a counselor and they don’t realize that I am not trained for or capable of being that counselor
  • Prayer in groups
  • Multiplication of group
  • The pastoral duties of a group leader (hospital visits, pastoral counseling, etc…)

This statistic is one that we cannot ignore. It’s the reason…

  • Group leaders bail and never lead a group again
  • There is frustration in group leader ranks
  • Needs aren’t being met so group members are coming to the church for care and nurture
  • Groups aren’t seeing God at work the way the long to see Him act on their behalf
  • Groups have no longing to and are unwilling to multiply or send someone out to start a new group/mission point

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