Top 10 Posts Since April 2 and Why It Matters


If you’re a blogger, you’re always interested in what the people you’re blogging for are reading. This tells you what is of interest to the world you’re connecting with. If you’re a small group point person, you want to know what is catching the attention of those who lead your groups.

Below I’ve listed the top 10 blog posts on this blog since April 2. You may want to think about these topics as you decide what to discuss with your small group coaches and leaders.

#10 – Disciple Making Through Groups, Asking the Hardest Question of All

#9 – How to Be Certain Your Sermon Based Bible Studies are Transformational

#8 – Five Perplexing (Maybe Humorous) Contradictions in Today’s Church

#7 – 10 Practices of Pastors Who Lead Change and Survive

#6 – Has the Sun Set On Sunday School?… My Response

#5 – Why Small Group Churches Are Confused About Disciple Making, Two Types of Disciple Making

#4 – You Are My Disciple IF… the Five IF’s of Disciple Making

#3 – Thoughts on Transgender Living and Judgment of Those Who Do

#2 – If Miley Cyrus Joined Your Small Group

#1 – 8 Things I Wish the Gay Community Knew About Spiritually Mature Christians


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