11 Thoughts on SCOTUS Same-Sex Marriage Ruling

I believe my pastor and my son has done an amazing job revealing what only many of us are thinking.

Josh Howerton

I don’t usually do this in this forum, but I pastor a church of hundreds of young Christians in an urban area who are some combination of confused / scared / ambivalent about the implications of today’s SCOTUS ruling on Same-Sex Marriage. Without taking the time to thoughtfully piece this together, here are 11 random, bulleted thoughts in light of today’s ruling…

1. There’s only one true “Supreme Court” and it’s not in Washington. Tattooed on Jesus’ thigh is the title “Chief Justice of chief justices”. Christians are going to be just fine, brothers and sisters.

2. With two moral issues raging in our culture right now (sexual revolution 2.0 and racial reconciliation), Christians must apply the same directive of the Bible: “We must obey God rather than men.” In the one case, this will lead to us preserving boundaries. In the other case, it will lead to us…

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