Small Group Ministry and Goal Setting



If a groups ministry is going to accomplish a God-sized vision a groups point person must set God-sized goals.

A few years ago, Rick Warren tweeted this tweet, “Exponential Thinking means adding a Zero to your goal in faith.” That is, if you’re thinking of starting 10 new groups in the upcoming year, set the goal at 100. If you’re thinking of starting 100, then set your goal at 1,000. I think you get the idea.

Faith sized goal setting is essential if you’re going to get to where you plan on going. Hebrews 11 starts off telling us that, “faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see.” That is, faith is being downright certain that God will accomplish what only He can accomplish through us. Verse 4 then declares, “without faith it is impossible to please God.”

Leaders who lead movements set God-sized goals and truly believe they will become a reality. Before setting any goals it’s essential that you spend time in prayer. Ask God to tell you what His goal is for the upcoming initiative, what His goal is that He wants to accomplish through your groups ministry in five years, and what He wants to accomplish through you before you leave planet earth. Write those goals down, tell them to your leadership team, strategize to accomplish them, then get to work doing what is necessary to see them become a reality.

My fellow group pastors, we can change the world. It simply demands that there be a visionary leader spearheading a culture shaping movement in every church.

Let’s change the world together!


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