6 Important Lessons I’ve Learned from One or Both of My Sons


I have two incredible sons. They are quite different yet much alike. Both of them love Jesus. Both of them lives out his faith, each one in different ways. Both of them are strong leaders. Both of them are great with people, relational giants. Both of them love Scripture and spend time learning it.

I watch them, hear them, speak with them, sometimes debate with one or the other of them, and learn much from them. Six of the important lessons I’m proud to have learned, or have been reminded of, from being with and knowing these two beautiful and courageous men are listed below.

  1. You don’t have to be a stereotypical church member to be motivated to share the Gospel and be the Gospel for those who are less fortunate than you are.
  1. Those who are trapped in a performance based faith never realize the depth of freedom the Gospel offers.
  1. Even dads who made many mistakes deserve and can receive grace for mistakes made in the past.
  1. Patience and willfully practicing the discipline of forgiveness again and again will be necessary if you’re going to love anyone over the long haul and love them deeply.
  1. Balancing work and family really is possible for those husbands, dads, and church leaders who create and set boundaries and hold firmly to them.
  1. Seeking out things that you and your spouse can enjoy together is important if a marriage is going to continue to experience laughter, conversation, and connection.

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