Fifteen Reasons People Join a Small Group


Ever wonder why people join groups. Below are fifteen reasons I’ve heard people state is the reason they joined a small group.

  1. My husband and I needed a shared experience.
  2. My wife and I needed some people to help us understand marriage.
  3. I wanted to grow in my relationship with Christ.
  4. I needed some real friends.
  5. Our church won’t let anyone become a church member until they join a small group.
  6. We knew nothing about the Bible and knew that being in a small group would help us understand it better.
  7. We have a problem teenager and needed encouragement and support.
  8. We moved to a new town and wanted to meet some people who had the same values that we have.
  9. I’m a new Christ follower and I want to do what is the right thing to do with my life now. I was told one of the most important next steps was to join a small group.
  10. I want to lead a group of my own someday and, in our church, in order to become a small group leader you must first prove you’re a trustworthy Christ follower. I’m an apprentice group leader right now.
  11. I was going through a dark and difficult time and the groups pastor at my church told me that being in a small group would be really helpful.
  12. I’m a first time mom and really wanted to spend time with other first time moms who could empathize with me.
  13. I’m struggling to live counter-culturally so I need to be around other Christians who are willing to go against the grain.
  14. I’m not a Christian but I’m willing to meet with some people who are and talk about Jesus. That is, if they’ll let me be me.
  15. Our senior pastor keeps saying this is really important. I don’t know that he’s right but I trust him enough to give groups a try.

What are some reasons you’ve heard?


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