Ideas for Groups that Don’t Meet in the Summer but Want to Get Together

IMG_0772Many small groups will determine that they are going to take a break through the summer months. Wise small group pastors will not only bless this, they’ll celebrate it if it’s the right thing for that group.

When a group chooses not to meet for this period of time, it’s important that they get together just to have some fun. These gatherings are the perfect time to invite people who are possible future group members or people who are not yet followers of Christ. A few summer ideas that will be fantastic are noted below.

  • Attend an outdoor concert together.
  • Go to Shakespeare in the Park together.
  • Go to see July 4 fireworks together.
  • Go to an amusement park together. Don’t take the kids. You’ll be shocked at how much fun this really is.
  • Go canoeing.
  • Go camping.
  • Do a horseback riding trail together.
  • Have a cookout.
  • Go to a professional baseball game together.
  • Go hiking.
  • Go fishing.
  • Do a day trip to a restaurant that sits on a lake or ocean.
  • Help one another with yard work that demands more than one person to accomplish the work.
  • Go to a state park, stay the weekend… don’t have a small group meeting while you’re there… just enjoy hanging out together.

I’m sure there are many more great options. The best way to find out what experience will create excitement in your group is to ask your group. Their idea will be the best idea.

What are some things your groups have done?



  1. Our small group is breaking for the summer, how long is too long to take a break for? Two months? We want to let people rest but not lose momentum. Would appreciate your input.

  2. Hi Scott, This will depend on the type of community you’re in. If you’re in a busy commuter city or town with young couples whose kids have ballgames, etc… or in a region where the summer months are precious due to long winters, you’ll want to give a longer break. Be certain that groups don’t “shut down” for the summer and lose connection. Have your groups get together monthly for a cookout or one of the outings mentioned in the blog post. Tell them to invite unchurched, ungrouped, or unsaved households to join them. By doing these things the groups don’t lose connection and are reminded of their responsibility to reach beyond themselves.

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