Free Simulcast… Training for Small Group Point People


I love it when we’re able to give free training to small group point people. This time LifeWay has gone over and above the call of duty by offering a free simulcast featuring some of the most renowned voices in groups ministry.

The Ministry Grid Team and the Groups Team at LifeWay have partnered to offer an on-line training experience for groups point people. This one time simulcast is called On Point. Unlike other training of this nature, this event is free. The sessions will be led by some of the most renowned voices in the small group world.

Why would we offer a simulcast of this nature? LifeWay has as her goal to aid the local church in making disciples. We know that, if we can get church leaders the training they need, they will be able to make disciples of those people who are in their groups. And as disciples are made we accomplish Jesus’ primary expectation of the church to, “go therefore and make disiples…”. (Matthew 28:19)

Every groups pastor that joins us will have the opportunity to consume the latest learnings on four primary topics, 1) Recruiting Leaders, 2) Coaching, 3) Practical Guidance for Small Group Leaders, and 4) New Practices in the Small Group World.

Below you’ll see the sessions as well as whose leading each of them.

Recruiting and Developing Leaders, Reid Smith

How to Start Groups with a Short-Term Study, Mark Howell

How to Connect People in Four Weeks, Tyler Gregory

Creating a Culture of Discipleship, Brad House

Key Practices of Coaching, Bill Donahue

The Group That Prays Together, Ben Reed

The Transitioning Stage of Group Life, Carolyn Taketa

How Do I find a Role for Everyone in My Group?, Steve Gladen

Building Rhythm into Group Life, Jared Musgrove

How to Lead a Transformational Bible Study Group Meeting, Spence Shelton

How to Engage People Disillusioned with Small Groups/Mid-Sized Groups, Daniel Im

Three Practices of Healthy Missional Communities, Todd Engstrom

If you’ll set aside a few hours in your schedule you’ll be educated as well as inspired.

There are a few ways you might consider so that you make the most of On Point.

  1. Watch it alone. As you listen, write down those things that you realize need to be considered and/or jot down the moments when the Holy Spirit speaks to you concerning a particular need.
  2. Gather your entire team and watch On Point together. This will be most effective possibility as the synergy in the room will lead to tremendous future conversations. If you choose to go down this path, I’d suggest asking people to jot down those things that they believe need to be considered and meet another day to discuss and pray about those possible agenda items.
  3. Get with other groups point people in your area to watch the On Point simulcast. Get together for lunch before it begins then, after the simulcast ends, spend a few hours talking about what you need to reconsider and get one another’s wisdom concerning how to make those changes.

On Point will take place from 1:00 to 3:30 Central Standard Time on June the 9th.

To register simply go to


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