Five Perplexing (Maybe Humorous) Contradictions in Today’s Church


Okay… If you’re strange like me you sometimes think you hear contradictions that may or may not be so. Below are a few of the things about today’s church that are perplexing to me and that seem contradictory.

  1. Why do pastors who are five point Calvinists thank their church members for their hard work when the church is growing? After all, they had nothing to do with it.
  1. Why don’t Arminians witness more?
  1. If Christians are the church and churches are to live by faith, why do churches set their annual budget based on what they can afford rather than what God can do?
  1. Why do believers who have read and have begun to live the principles unearthed in Francis Chan’s book, Crazy Love, recommend other people buy it? Shouldn’t they give them their copy?
  1. If the most spiritually mature people are those that need less and less stuff and more and more want to model that God meets all our needs, why are the highest paid church staff members those with the biggest audience?

Just sayin’…


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