Thoughts on Leadership IV… Leading the Unleadable


There are people who have joined a leaders team who are just not leadable. That is, they choose not to follow the direction of the leader, when in a meeting they are unable or unwilling to embrace anyone’s ideas but their own, and they tend to create chaos more often than they produce relational oneness. If you’ve tried to help them but they still seem to be unleadable, maybe the four ideas below will be helpful to you.

  1. Don’t give them too much of your time. If they are unwilling to change the way they think or they are unwilling to accept your wise counsel, give your time to those who are willing to learn and grow.
  1. Prior to a decision making meeting, converse with him/her before the meeting gaining his/her thoughts on the matter to be discussed. Assure them that their ideas are important and that others in the group will also have some great ideas for the team’s consideration. By doing this, you’re teaching the unleadable person to honor others ideas and at the same time you’re making them aware that their idea may not be the one the team chooses to utilize. This should keep this person from demanding their idea be embraced making the meeting much more synergistic and non-combative.
  1. Protect the rest of the team from the chaos the unleadable person creates by putting them on few work teams while assigning them duties they can accomplish on their own.
  1. Conclude what causes them to be the way they are then aid them in overcoming their self-centeredness. In almost every instance, the person who is unleadable is unleadable due to something that has happened in their past. Perhaps a parent was abusive, maybe one of their mentors demanded perfection and they believe that if they give up control the work will done poorly, etc… Remember, God can redeem all pain and past hurts.

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