Thoughts On Leadership II… The importance of Trust in Leadership


When followers don’t trust their leader, multiple negative outcomes occur.

  • Those under the leader’s leadership will not give their best effort.
  • Those under the leadership of the leader, when given a responsibility by the leader, will doubt the importance of the work to be done and may believe they’re doing work that is unimportant, maybe even unnecessary. And so, the worker does poor work and/or loses passion for the work being done.
  • When leading a meeting or in a meeting the leader’s voice has little impact as those the leader is speaking to doubt the data being shared, the expectations being voiced, and/or the deadline that is to be met.
  • Because employees/followers intuitively follow the leader’s lead, when the leader lacks integrity others will also. This opens the door for an environment of gossip and backbiting. Even if employees aren’t verbally beating up on one another, I can assure you, they’re talking to one another about the leader who has proven he/she can’t be trusted.
  • The leader will find herself/himself in a vacuum with no one willing to give them wise counsel.

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