Great Small Group Bible Studies for Your Church-Wide Campaign


If you’ve been following the blog this week you know that each post has been about church wide campaigns and the work of the small group point person during a campaign.

LifeWay has a series of studies that are perfect for church-wide campaigns. The series is called Bible Studies for Life and is designed for new groups. Not only that, each of these studies is topical, video driven, and conversational, precisely what you need when doing a church-wide campaign.

Any of the small group study topics in the Bible Studies for Life series can be the theme of a church campaign. You’ll find great tools in each title’s Leader Kit including, a 1) Promotional video, presentation slides, banner ads, and posters, 2) Video: One for each session featuring the author, 3) Leader guide that expands on the commentary you get in the Group Member book, 4) Free online sermon outlines: Two sets for each session. One uses the same Scripture passage as the session. The other expands on the them but uses different Scripture passages.

Below is a list of great studies in the Bible Studies for Life series.

Connected: My Life in the Church by Thom S. Rainer

Let Hope In with Pete Wilson

Resilient Faith: Standing Strong in the Midst of Suffering with Mary Jo Sharp

When Relationship Collide with Ron Edmondson

Pressure Points with Chip Henderson

Do Over: Experience New Life in Christ with Ben Mandrell

Honest to God: Real Questions People Ask with Robert Jeffries

Productive: Finding Joy in What We Do with Ronnie and Nick Floyd

Beyond Belief: Exploring the Character of God with Freddy Cardoze

Overcome: Living Beyond Your Circumstances with Alex Himaya

Awake: The Call to a Renewed Life with Ronnie Floyd

Storm Shelter: Psalms of God’s Embrace by Philip Nation

Ready: Ministering to Those in Crisis by Chip Ingram

Like No Other: The Life of Christ by Tony Evans

Like Glue: Making Relationships Stick by Ben Mandrell




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