Small Group Point Person Timeline During The Church-Wide Campaign

academic-calendarIn yesterday’s blog I unearthed the 9 Responsibilities of the Small Group Point Person During A Church-Wide Campaign. The obvious next question is, “When should these things be accomplished?” Maybe the answers below will be helpful.

  1. Work alongside the senior pastor to determine a study on the campaign theme or topic that is usable for short-term group leaders. As soon as the theme or topic has been decided, make an appointment with the senior pastor to have this conversation. Bring multiple options to the meeting and be ready describe the following, 1) who the publisher is (this will tell the senior pastor if the doctrine is in line with the church’s doctrine), 2) who the author is, 3) what the senior pastor’s responsibilities will be as it relates to the resource, if any.
  2. Enlist short-term group leaders. That is, those who aren’t presently group leaders but are willing to lead a group during the church-wide campaign. The day the senior pastor tells the church about the church-wide campaign and begins casting vision for it, they also need to tell the church that, 1) there will be a need for people to lead groups during this six week endeavor who have never led groups before, that 2) they will get everything they need to lead effectively, that 3) there will be a short training experience so that they know how to do what they’re being asked to do, and 4) that there will be someone throughout the six week experience to answer their questions and help them in any way. There should be a kiosk in the lobby where people can sign up for groups from that point on and the small group point person should be using every means necessary to recruit leaders until the date of the group leader training.
  3. Train short-term and pre-existing group leaders. I’d suggest you do this twice, two weeks before the campaign begins and one week before the campaign begins. Do this twice so that those who couldn’t attend the first time can attend the second time this training is offered.
  4. Register people in groups that aren’t presently in a group. Begin registering people in groups the week after the pastor announces the campaign to the church and continue to sign people up for groups until the campaign begins, even during the first few weeks of the campaign if necessary.
  5. Place short-term group members into groups. Place group members into groups as they sign up for a group. If you wait to do this, you’ll find yourself scrambling at the last minute and this will create much unnecessary tension and confusion.
  6. Get pre-existing groups and group leaders to open up to new people during the church-wide campaign. At the same time you alert present group members that the campaign is coming and when it begins (point number 7 in this blogpost) make them aware that you will need for them to welcome a few people to their group during the campaign. Be sure to let them know that they can contact you if this will be a problem as some groups don’t have room for more people or there are too many children in the home already where the group is meeting. Also, ask each group leader to turn in the following on a 3 by 5 card, 1) the name of the person leading the group, 2) where the group meets, 3) if the group has childcare, and 4) how many more people they believe they are able to have in their group during the church-wide campaign.
  7. Alert present group leaders when the campaign will begin. With the senior pastor’s blessing, let the group leaders know a week, or at least a few days before the campaign is announced to the entire church.
  8. Order and distribute Bible study curriculum. You’ll want to check with the publishing company you’re purchasing from to make certain how many days or weeks they need to deliver the curriculum you’ll be ordering. Each publishing company has a slightly different lead time. If you’re a very large church, contact the publishing company with an estimate of how many copies of the leader kit as well as the student guides you’re going to need. Do this as soon as you can as you want to be certain the number of kits and studies you need have been printed and are available when you need them.
  9. Be available to answer questions or connect every group leader to a coach who is wiling and available to answer questions. From the time you recruit group leaders through the entire campaign, group leaders will need answers to their various questions.

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